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      FPC flexible circuit boards, FPC flexible cable, FPC cable, industry-leading
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      FPC flexible circuit board is based on polyimide or polyester film as a substrate made of a highly 

      reliable, excellent flexible printed circuit board. With a wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, good bending characteristics.

      In the production process, in order to prevent excessive short-circuit caused by too low or reduce the yield of drilling, rolling, cutting and other rough process 

      problems caused by FPC board scrapping, feeding problems, and assess how to choose the 

      material to achieve customer use The best effect of the flexible circuit board. Prenatal pretreatment is particularly important.

      Prenatal pretreatment, need to deal with three aspects, these three aspects are completed by the 

      engineers. The first is the FPC board engineering assessment, mainly to assess whether the customer's 

      FPC board production, the company's production capacity to meet customer requirements and system 

      board unit costs; if the project evaluation passed, then you need to immediately prepare to meet the

       various production processes And finally, the engineer to: the customer's CAD structure, gerber line 

      data and other engineering documents for processing equipment to suit the production environment 

      and production specifications, and then the production drawings and MI (engineering process cards) 

      and other information down to the Production and the text control, procurement and other departments, 

      into the conventional production process.

      Double-sided system

      → PTH → plating → pre-treatment → sticking dry film → alignment → exposure → development → pattern 

      plating → release → pretreatment → stick dry film → registration → development → etching → release → 

      surface treatment → paste cover film → compression → curing → Shen Nickel gold → print characters → 

      shear → electrical measurement → punching → final inspection → packaging → shipping

      Single-panel system

      Open the hole → paste → paste dry film → on the bit → exposure → development → etching → stripping → 

      surface treatment → paste cover film → press → curing → surface treatment → nickel gold → print character 

      → shear → electrical measurement → red Cut → final inspection → packaging → shipping

      ⒈ short: short assembly time

      All lines are configured to complete. Eliminate redundant cable connection work

      FPC circuit board

      ⒉ small: smaller than the PCB size

      Can effectively reduce the product volume, increase the convenience of carrying

      ⒊ light: weight than the PCB (hard board) light The weight of the final product can be reduced

      4 Thin: thinner than PCB

      Can enhance the flexibility to strengthen the re-limited space for three-dimensional assembly

      FPC in the future to innovate from four aspects, mainly in:

      1, thickness. FPC thickness must be more flexible, must be thinner;

      2, folding resistance. Can bend is the inherent characteristics of FPC, FPC folding of the future must be 

      stronger, must be more than 1 million times, of course, which requires a better substrate;

      3, the price. At this stage, FPC prices much higher than the PCB, if the FPC prices down, the market will certainly be a lot wider.

      4, the level of technology. In order to meet a variety of requirements, FPC process must be upgraded, 

      the minimum aperture, minimum line width / line spacing must meet the higher requirements

      FPC cable flexible board, FPC cable, industry-leading

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